Sujey is a dream come true. Sujey was created in 2012.

Susana, her creator, dreamed of spending her days between threads and nice fabrics. After going a long way and completing her Fashion Design studies at IED, she decided to fulfill her dream and developed a Firm of very special clothes … Sujey by Su.

Sujey is a bohemian, hippy chic, romantic, dreamy, creative retailer … lover of original and beautiful clothes. Sujey is a sum of diverse inspirations, like nature (forests, flowers, beaches, etc.), drink of the artists Prerrafaelitas, Art Nouveau, Modernism, Impressionism, sublime artists, women with charisma, and especially fascinated with the world of fairies, muses, and nymphs.

Each garment is imagined, dreamed and created with much artisan-form affection in a small Design Studio in Madrid.

Sujey offers Unique Limited Edition designs that will make you feel very special

… let yourself be seduced by the magic of Sujey.