Today I tell you a secret … In whom I have inspired for the wonderful Mucha Muses Collection …?

As you will come to observe, for me the collections that design are the reflection of inspira- tions that I find and find me … there are so many paintings, artistic movements, emblemat- ic characters, elements of nature, cultures … so many things that I see the seed for a new collection…

On this occasion the painter Alphonse Mucha and his work, the greatest exponent of art noveau, were already part of me, books about his painting and his paintings surround me, I decided that for such a special occasion was the ideal inspiration.

Her particular style, in which feminine figures abound as allegories of worldly pleasure. Languid young men, with luxuriant manes, in fresh and yet delicate tones, combined with floral adornments and jewels, with neoclassical dresses framed by circles of Byzantine wa- termarks, symbols and arabesques.

The muses of Alphonse Mucha, between innocents and goddesses, in attitudes between provocative and coy shyness, ethereal, delicate, colorful, emanate a feeling of freedom through clothes, attitudes, flowers placed naturally and fresh … have for me a very special bohochic spot !!

They are sensual women, with silky clothes, wrap-around or semi-gathered hairstyles, dreamy looks … unreal muses that resemble goddesses, fairies or sorceresses.

Here I show you the Moodboard that inspired Mucha Muses Collection …

These other paintings love and inspire me!
I hope you like them and I love Mucha Muses Collection … as a reflection of this wonderful art.

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