Making Off of the photo shoot of our new release … By Sujey …


We have the new web of Sujey! And to surprise you we have made a very special shooting. Several weeks ago, we did this report to highlight how wonderful MUCHA MUSES COLLECTION is, and I would love to show you the great work behind a fashion shoot.

We chose as location a magic place … Las Salinas in Ibiza …

We put date two months before to meet in Ibiza our stylist Violeta, makeup artist / hairdresser Giusi, model Miroesja, my photographer fetish and exceptional Pedro Jaén and myself as designer of the Collection and soul of Sujey.

When the date finally arrived … in November … it turned out that also in Ibiza it rains and much !!! My arrival in Ibiza was under a blanket of water. I spent the whole night praying that the next day would be a clear day! And so it was … but how bad I spent that night fearing a deluge!


The big day arrived, first there is always makeup and hairdressing, at least 2 hours of work before, which at 7 am we were already on the move, Giusi was in charge of combing and makeup Miroesja following my inspiration of the Muses Of Mucha. Hairstyles “disheveled”, wild flowers, semi- collected romantic, natural makeup …

Meanwhile, Pedro and Violeta, looked for the best place to start as soon as possible and take advantage of the beautiful light of dawn in the first shots.

When our model was finally ready, we moved to Las Salinas, the light was magical, silver tones, gray and blue in contrast to the whiteness of the sand and the nearby woods. As soon as we located, we created a wonderful atmosphere of collaboration and professionalism.

What a pleasure to work with good professionals! The atmosphere was relaxed, the changes of looks and quick hairstyles, it was very cold but Miroesja endured divinely the 5 hours of shooting. The session unfolded in an easy and fluid way. Each Sujey look looked more beautiful than the previous.

We moved area and every place we discovered was spectacular … and you will see, already … the photos so wonderful.

I give the whole team a ten! We get together four creatives, each one in his own and an exceptional model !! And the result of that complicity and professionalism is this wonderful report of Mucha Muses Collection that presides over our new web.
I hope you like it a lot and from here I want to thank the whole team of this shooting the result so exceptional. Thank you!!

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